The Pony Hellride Experience (Heavy Stoner/Groove Rock) was formed 2010 in Kiel by singer Oli and drummer Alex, who knew each other from previous projects. After some changes within the bands personnel, they eventually ended up with the current line up, including guitarist Daniel and bass player Fabi. Since then their musical style evolved in as little as three years from their first demo „This Camp Is Doomed“ to their first album „Holy Water“ in 2013 to a more sophisticated and committed sound. Their current EP „Buffalo Mountain“ was released in May 2015 and received a number of positive reviews. Expressive live performances are an important part of the Band. Thus they always look forward to getting back on stage, for this is where they belong.

The Pony Hellride Experience is brought to you by:

Vocals – Oli

Drums – Alex

Bass – Fabi

Guitar – Daniel